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Are there any areas of the body that you won’t tattoo?2016-02-10T16:56:02+00:00

Yes – nothing in the underpants region of either sex 😉 . Tattoos on visible areas such as the hands, neck and head can be arranged, but this kind of work is generally only carried out on customers that already carry a lot of ink.

Can I bring in my own artwork?2016-02-10T16:55:45+00:00

Yes – you’re more than welcome to bring in your own work.

Can tattoos be covered?2016-02-10T16:55:31+00:00

A lot of tattoos can be covered, although this may require a larger and sometimes darker design to be chosen in order to disguise the original tattoo.

Can older tattoos be re-worked?2016-02-10T16:55:15+00:00

In some cases it is possible to re-work older tattoos that have faded or blurred with time. If a re-work is not possible we would generally advise on a cover up.

Can I get my deposit back if I cancel my appointment?2016-02-10T16:54:53+00:00

Deposits may be refunded provided at least 1 weeks notice has been given.
Deposits will not be refunded if an artist has already started work on your design.

Do I have to book an appointment?2017-03-13T16:50:30+00:00

Yes, appointments do need to be arranged in person at the studio as we require a cash deposit on all bookings.

If you’re a new customer we’ll also ask you to complete a Disclaimer.

Can I be tattooed if I have a medical condition?2016-02-10T16:53:57+00:00

If you have any medical conditions, i.e. pregnancy, blood/skin disorders, allergies or nervous complaints, you must consult a doctor before having a tattoo.

How old do I have to be to get tattooed?2016-02-10T16:51:56+00:00

You must be 18 years old to be tattooed. ID will be required if you look under 21.

Does it hurt?2017-03-13T16:50:30+00:00

Yes, but from customer responses, probably not as much as you think it’s going to.

Different people have different pain thresholds or find that being tattooed on certain areas of the body are more painful than others. It really comes down to the individual and their ability to relax while they’re being tattooed. This leads to a much easier (and sometimes enjoyable!) experience, for both the customer and the tattooist.

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